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The activity of Rus-Oil JSC covers the whole complex of issues related to oil production - from molding a strategy of oil business of both existing and newly established companies to settlement of side issues of oil and gas fields development, geological survey, production, selling of hydrocarbons and settlement of a wide range of service issues. The company has a sufficient potential to solve methodological questions and oil business development in practice.

Business Development

The business development means increasing of the resource portfolio and increasing of products volume. Rus-Oil JSC settles tasks of resource portfolio increasing by two methods: by analysis of existing market oil and gas assets, assessment of their efficiency and drawing up of recommendations on purchase; expansion of borders of fields developed on the basis of advanced methods of geological survey and drilling works.

Oil and Gas Production

Today, directions are recognized main, prospective that provide for additional volumes of oil production with observance of conditions of rational subsurface resources management. When drawing up methodology of fields development, Rus-Oil JSC relies upon this fundamental principle. The necessity of applying innovative technologies increasing the degree of hydrocarbons extraction, optimization of operating and capital expenses, improving of production energy performance is quite evident. Among certain steps taken by the Company we should note methods of formation stimulation for the purpose of oil recovery increasing: gas reinjection, HFF - hydraulic fracturing of formation and inclined drilling, side-tracking and drilling of horizontal wells.

Sale of Hydrocarbons

The company supplies oil both to the national and overseas market. The main part of supplies is performed through oil pipeline system of Transneft PJSC. Solutions suggested by Rus-Oil JSC in the sphere of hydrocarbon crude selling provide buyers, including oil refineries, with maximum favorable conditions.