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The Company structure is based on the set of tasks addressed. Currently the Company structure includes units necessary to calculate feasibility, plan, perform and evaluate the efficiency of exploration, development and production activities at oil and gas fields, oil treatment, efficient use of well gas and sales of oil.

Company management

The management of the Company is structured in accordance with the requirements of the Law “On Joint Stock Companies”.

  1. General Director – Sergey Victorovich Podlisetsky
  2. First Deputy General Director – Anatoly Vasilyevich Fomin
  3. Advisor to the General Director – Victor Ioganesovich Ott
  4. Executive Director – Andrey Victorovich Potapov
  5. Director Capital Projects Department – Sergey Nikolaevich Serykh
  6. Deputy General Director for General Issues – Eduard Anatolyevich Sapunkov

Main Subdivisions

The main subdivisions of the Company are:

Administration of Prospective Development and Geology;

Administration of Gas and Oil Production

Administration of Wells Construction;

Administration of Capital Construction.

Competence and degree of training of employees working at these subdivisions determines the quality and efficiency of decisions made by the Company.