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Careers in the company

Youth is one of the Company’s greatest assets. As the Company is still in development, engaging employees with an experience in oil industry and using their personal capacity will help improve the development speed. At the same time, the Company is looking for young promising specialists, ready to contribute to the Company’s achievements with their energy and enthusiasm, bring the operations in line with the latest requirements and ensure all business performance targets are met. These specialists have a great opportunity to build their careers with the Company.

Human resources development

The Company sees its development in the efficient and motivated work by highly skilled workers. This is why staff professionalism, constant attention to its practical and theoretical knowledge are the invariable components of our daily operations.

Corporate culture

The company is still young, but it is already concerned with building its rules and traditions. We are continuing our team-building activities, looking for the basic principles to improve the efficiency of operations and employees’ personal interest in the Company achieving high end results. We are attempting to build our own corporate culture supporting unconditional compliance with the legal norms and mutual respect and responsibility between the employer and the employees, which would allow every person to take pride in being part of the Company and being loyal to it.

Personnel selection

Personnel is selected in accordance with the rules established by internal regulatory documents of the Company. The candidates are interviewed for open vacancies with clearly defined terms of reference. The candidates selected are those who possess the necessary qualifications and professional skills, along with the ability to head the respective area of operations. The latter quality is particularly important, given the wide range of activities pursued by the Company.

Human resources development

Rus’-Oil JSC chose human resources development policy with a view on developing employees meeting the Company’s needs. In this respect, the Company is building career management and professional development system for its staff, including regular training and certification. The goals of this work are simple: improving the Company’s performance by developing its employees’ capacity, developing the employees through professional and social stimulation, reducing staff turnover and improving adaptation to the ever-changing conditions.