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Rus’-Oil production company intends to purchase refining assets


Rus’-Oil production company operating oil fields in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District intends to go into refining business, considers buying assets in the new industry, Sergey Podlisetsky, General Manager, told TASS in an interview at the International Investment Forum SOCHI-2016.

“We may still be a small company at the oil business scale, but we would like to acquire some refinery experience. So we are looking for opportunities here”, Mr. Podlisetsky said. At the same time, he says he does not see any assets that would be interesting in terms of “cost and technological promise” yet. Podlisetsky is not interested in retail assets, due to their low profit levels, but “refining is something I would like to play with”, he comments.

The company is also considering the purchase of several assets in the upstream sector. “We are currently eyeing some interesting facilities, but the deals are still in the early phases – just studies and negotiations with the owners. Generally we are open for purchases. We are interested in buying”, he continues.

Rus’-Oil, established in 2013, operates oil fields in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District. The company’s extractable reserves are estimated at 147 million tons, according to DeGolyer estimates in 2016.