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Dulisma will be Tested for Stress Resistance


Five million's ton of oil was produced at Dulisma field in the Irkutsk region (owner - Rus-Oil company established in 2013). The annual production volumes at this license unit reached 1.6 mln tons per year by present time. Such result increased twice forecasts of analysts who estimated the potential of Dulisma maximum 835-850 thousand tons annually three years ago. The figure itself is humble - when comparing indices with volumes of production by large companies. Certainly, "new wave" oil producers will not be able to compete with them seriously either now or in the nearest future. Another thing is important in this case: one of the youngest oil companies in Russia showed by its own example that even on the background of economic difficulties the program "anti-crisis" can be effective. The current owner purchased Dulisma field in April 2013 (the non-core asset became superfluous burden for the previous owner - Sberbank). It is difficult to say now what plans Rus-Oil wsa drawing for this unit, because prospects were quite vague here, market experts gave cautious forecasts, and no large company showed interest in such lot. The main problem was and remains the geography: Dulisma is located 330 km from Ust-Kut station at BAM, the nearest settlement is Kirensk town - at distance of 90 km, the terrain is boggy and in the period of floods it is almost impassable for machinery. The federal "winter road" is maintained by road builders from the middle of December to the middle of April, at other time it cannot be used. Other problems were understandable too: the potential of the unit was explored and estimated in 2003 quite approximately, about 20 wells were in operable condition, the production was performed in the old-fashioned way using obsolescent equipment. Soon after purchase crisis burst out, and it had to transfer the unit into the grade of "suitcase without a handle" that "is hard to part with but is heavy to carry". The load has not become easier by now. But the copany tries to put it into motion and deliver to place of destination in conditions of poor market situation, deficite of means, forces and possibilities. It is early to tell about infallible success, more likely - about difficult movement forward. And it is not little in our conditions. During three years, oil suppliers of Dulisma had to reconstruct and build more than 100 km of access roads, bridges and passages that, certainly, increased expenses but made it possible to supply production equipment to the site on the year-round basis. There are approximately 100 exploratory, production and water supply wells, while more than half of them have been drilled during 2016. Most of production wells are operated in mechanical mode, and money is found for their retrofitting, however not without difficulty. Investments produce an effect - by additional processing of wells and bottom-hole area we managed to increase volumes of daily oil production, increase potential of formations that were considered depleted and unpromising, and bring them to higher capacity. Purchase of new drilling equipment is made at Russian plants withint the scope of import substitution program. Somehow it was a "lucky strike" in the form of leap in prices and necessity of constant "optimization", in other words - saving. Technological and geologic exploration works at OGPD Dulisminskoe are performed in accordance with scientific developments of leading industrial RDI - Sibneftegazproekt, Rusgeoservis, Zapprikaspiysgeophisika, etc. In addition, Russian and foreign developments and innovations in the sphere of IT technologies, telephony, logistics, methods of effective management are used. Development of chemical utilization of natural gas and electric power engineering using the associated gas dissolved in oil became a separate direction. By 2017, a gas pipeline will be commissioned that will make it possible to use up to 95% of the received methane to provide its own energy generation station with power up to 24 MW. Construction of the second stage of the oil treatment unit is being completed that will allow preparing of more than 2 000 thousand tons per year. The first stage is planned for 1200 thousand tons per year. The gas chemical equipment is focused on production of different polymer materials using associated gas, including polyethylene, ethanole, synthetic oil, etc. At the same time, environmental standards of production become more strict and are coordinated with international norms and requirements. Moreover, the company implements its own comprehensive environment protection program directed to minimize damage to environment in the process of production and transportation of oil. Results are quite humble by now: everything bumps up against money and forces. The company cannot afford too big losses - in that case, it will be thrown away from the competitive struggle with larger and more successful competitors. Besides Dulisminskoe field, Rus-Oil company owns 5 license units at KhMAD and NAD, which are being developed actively now. The company itself declared earlier about its intent to increase investments into new technologies and modernization of existing capacities, in construction of oil and gas pipelines instead of product delivery by motor vehicles. However, these announcements were strengthened by certain steps at the oil price twice higher than current price. It is a big question - how the company will behave in conditions of long-term price reduction. In the oil industry, there are many examples when companies with more stable financial backgrounds scraped their programs at unfavoragble conditions.