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"Rus Oil" started integration of sites in KhMAO into the company with 20 million tons of reserves


"Rus Oil" company started signing trust agreements for six license sites in KhMAO-UGRA (Surgut and Nefteyugansk districts) sold at the auction in July - Binshtokovskoe, Zapadno-Multanovskoe, Yugansk-16, Yugansk-18, Yugansk-19 and Yugansk-21. Total reserves of the sites are 20 million tons of oil. Active development of the license sites will begin in 2017. All of them are in close proximity to the unified oil-transport system and fields Gustorechenskoe (LLC Razvitie St. Petersburg) and Multanovskoe (LLC Hortitsa) which are managed by "Rus Oil" since 2013.

It should be reminded that the auction for the right to use mineral resources for the purpose of geological study, exploration and production of raw hydrocarbons took place on July 15 of the current year. Several companies including "Surgutneftegas" and "Rosneft" competed for these assets.

"Rus Oil" company was formed in 2013. Now several oil and gas entities with wide reach (KhMAO-YUGRA, Sakha Yakutia, Irkutsk Region, Nenets Autonomous Okrug) are under control of the company. Among them are "Dulisma", "Polyarnoe Siyanie", "Gustorechenskoye", "Irelyakhneft", "Razvitie St. Petersburg", etc. The entities have different forms of ownership and shareholder structures. The Director General of the company is Sergey Podlisetsky. According to DeGolyer for 2016, extracted reserves of the company are estimated at 147 million tons. Oil extraction is 3.5 million tons.