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Northern Supply Haul: delay, but with pacesetters


The annual budget of the Northern Supply Haul exceeds RUR 5 bln., the most part of these means is spent for transportation, but not always supply of goods to northern territories of Russia is easy and on schedule. In 2015, due to shallowing of the Lena river, the Northern Supply Haul was the most complicated for the last half century. In 2016, notwithstanding soon end of the navigation season, the delivery of fuel and products was completed 65% only.

Shallowing necessitates additional transshipment from tankers to shallow-draft vessels that wipes out precious time. The Government of Yakutia had to appeal to the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Russian River Register with a request to extend navigation terms along the Northern Sea Route.

Notwithstanding all problems and delays, there are companies that have fulfilled their obligations completely. Irelyakhneft CJSC, on its part, finished a preterm supply of goods to northern territories of Russia having shipped during three months approximately 80 thousand tons of oil produced at Irelyakh oil and gas field, 4 km from Mirny town.

The private oil company managed to achieve such results owing to up-to-date modernization of oil treatment units by its own forces that allowed increasing the daily production rate.

Precision of supply terms within the scope of supply of goods to northern territories of Russia is extremely important to support life in remote populated localities and functioning of industry in Yakutia.

Most complexities are connected with fuel provision of the Northern energy area due to practically complete absence of motorways, complicated climatic conditions, and remoteness of populated localities from industrial centers.

Due to its unique properties (the freezing point of oil from Irelyakh field is below -600C), the oil from Irelyakh field is mainly used in Yakutia as boiler fuel. At the same time, the main consumers are: State Unitary Enterprise “Housing and Public Utilities of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)” and enterprises of ALROSA JSC.

Irelyakhneft CJSC holding a license for production of hydrocarbon crude at Irelyakh field is a member of Rus-Oil Group of Companies that has six oil producing companies under trust: OC Dulisma CJSC (Irkutsk region), Razvitie Sankt-Peterburga LLC (KhMAD - Yugra), Khortitsa LLC (KhMAD - Yugra), Irelyakhneft CJSC (Sakha Yakutia), Polyarnoe Siyanie LLC (Nenets Autonomous District).

However in June 2015, the Ministry of Energy found Irelyakh field unprofitable, Irelyakhneft sells more than 100 thousand tons of oil on the annual basis. Formerly, the field belonged to ALROSA JSC, and it was an incidental problematic asset for it. Frequently, such fields demonstrate good results under management of small companies, because they have possibility to focus their efforts on them only.

According to the plan, in 2016 it is planned to produce more than 117.5 thousand tons, but already now the performance is expected to exceed 119 thousand tons. In 2017, upon completion of construction of the Acceptance Transfer Unit (ATU) in the region of OPS 12 of Transneft JSC (ESPO), it is planned to produce 250 thousand tons, in 2018 – 500 thousand tons already.

At present time, Irelyakhneft operates 28 production wells at Irelyakh field. Extractable reserves of C1-category oil at the field are 9 mln. tons, C2 category – 0.34 mln. tons, gas – 4.68 bln. cubic meters.

In 2016—2019, the company plans to drill 51 wells, 41 of which will be production wells. “By 2018, the company plans to fulfill the drilling plan and will drill 51 wells, 41 of which will be production wells. Following results of these works the company must reach the production volume up to 500 thousand tons per year”, declared earlier the Minister of Industry of Yakutia Andrey Panov.

In addition, Irelyakhneft plans to create its own transport service (more than 40 units of oil loading units) that will allow more effective performances within the scope of the Northern Supply Haul.