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An active phase of preparation to the annual reporting meeting planned for 23.01.17 has begun at Rus-Oil Company. The plan and conduct of the event is approved.


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Representatives of Rus-Oil JSC in cooperation with the Tekhstroykontrakt Company have recently paid an official 3-day visit to the office of SHANTUI Company, PRC. The headquarters of the company is located in Jining city, Shandong province. The company is a largest manufacturer of construction machinery in the region. The purpose of the visit – development of partnership relations, as well as mutual events while visiting an international exhibition of construction machinery and equipment BAUMA China 2016 in Shanghai, PRC. Following results of the trip, a number of documents concerning strategic pathways of cooperation were signed.


Discussion of New-Year’s festivities planning was held at the central office of the company Rus-Oil. Several noteworthy scenarios were presented for approval of the General Director Sergei Podlisetsky. In addition, a work schedule of all services of Rus-Oil Company for the period of New-Year’s holidays was approved at the meeting.


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In October, Rus’-Oil signed confidential management agreements for six licensing blocks in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (Surgut and Nefteyugansk districts) auctioned in July – Binshtokovskoe, Zapadno-Multanovskoe, Yugansk-16, Yugansk-18, Yugansk-19 and Yugansk-21. These license blocks together contain 20 million tons of oil. The company’s current annual production stands at 4.2 million tons.


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"Rus Oil" company started signing trust agreements for six license sites in KhMAO-UGRA (Surgut and Nefteyugansk districts) sold at the auction in July - Binshtokovskoe, Zapadno-Multanovskoe, Yugansk-16, Yugansk-18, Yugansk-19 and Yugansk-21. Total reserves of the sites are 20 million tons of oil. Active development of the license sites will begin in 2017. All of them are in close proximity to the unified oil-transport system and fields Gustorechenskoe (LLC "Razvitie St. Petersburg") and Multanovskoe (LLC "Hortitsa") which are managed by "Rus Oil" since 2013.


Rus’-Oil JSC official delegation, headed by General Manager Sergey Podlisetsky, visited 15th International Investment Forum SOCHI-2016. As part of the event, General Manager Sergey Podlisetsky gave an extended interview to TASS News Agency and Business FM radio.


According to DeGolyer and MacNaughton, the international auditing company, extractable oil reserves of Rus-Oil Group of Companies were confirmed at the level of 147 mln. tons in oil equivalent.


The Expert Magazine published data about the largest Russian exporters for 2016. OC Dulisma CJSC came 61st in the main TOP-200 rating.


In the beginning of September 2016, DeGolyer and MacNaughton confirmed extractable oil reserves by OC Dulisma CJSC at the level of 42 mln tons. In Gustorechenskoe field, extractable reserves are confirmed at the level of 55 mln tons, Razvitie Sankt-Peterburga LLC.


Celebrating of the day of Sentyabrsky settlement under auspices of Rus-Oil JSC... more


KhMAD_Yugra obtained a certificate of commissioning of 150 km oil pipeline connecting two fields (Gustorechenskoe and Multanovskoe) into a single oil transport system up to OPS "Yuzhny Balyk". The oil pipeline was built within shortest terms, less than 4 months have passed from the moment of design to the moment of commissioning. The capacity of the oil pipeline - up to 1 000 000 tons of oil per year.


In accordance with the strategy and plan of development until 2018, Rus-Oil company acquired 49 drilling rigs made in Russia that allowed increasing of existing wells stock significantly.


Within the scope of import substitution program, Rus-Oil company placed orders at Russian automotive enterprises for 12 pile drivers necessary for further development and outfitting of oil-bearing fields at KhMAD.