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Sergey Podlisetsky, General Director Rus’-Oil JSC, visited Dulisminskoe Oilfield


Rus’-Oil JSC top managers had a two-day flyover of Dulisminskoe Oilfield, taking a look at cluster drilling sites, Dulisminskoe Oilfield Power Park, and operation of separation units for final gas liberation to the desired vapor pressure levels and wellhead gas refining.

The commission also paid close attention to the operation of oil preparation unit (OPU), designed to receive oil from the wells, and separate it into oil, wellhead gas and local water, subsequently bringing oil to merchantable quality. The commission members commented on sufficient throughput of the oil pipeline.

Drilling volumes peaked in late 2017, when 13 drilling rigs were in operation. Starting 2017, following the plans to reduce production volume, the company decreased the number of rigs in operation to 10.