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Company and environment

Given the specifics of oil production, oil field development takes place in remote areas, generally with pristine nature untouched by civilization. Rus’-Oil JSC knows places like this are particularly sensitive to any technical or anthropogenic factors. Minimizing, and preventing if possible, negative impact on the environment is what the Company sees as its key task when developing recommendations for performance and support of works at the oilfields.

Governing documents

The key governing documents for the Company are:

Federal Law No.2395-1 of February 21, 1992 (December 28, 2013 edition) “On Subsoil” (with changes and amendments enacted on January 1, 2014);

Federal Law No.7-FZ of January 10, 2002 (December 28, 2013 edition) “On Protection of the Environment” (with changes and amendments enacted on January 10, 2014);

Federal Law No.96-FZ of May 4, 1999 (July 23, 2008 edition) “On Air Protection”;

The Land Code of the Russian Federation No.136-FZ of October 25, 2001 (December 28, 2013 edition) (with changes and amendments enacted on January 10, 2014);

The Water Code of the Russian Federation No.74-FZ of June 3, 2006 (with changes and amendments enacted on January 1, 2014).

The Company’s operating principles

The Company operates in accordance with the following principles:

- following the requirements of environment law and licensing responsibilities at all stages of operations;

- producing and implementing activities to reduce negative impact of production activities on the environment;

- implementing production processes and equipment implementing advanced environmentally safe technologies meeting the state environmental norms and taking into account the specific regional environmental requirements;

- risk management at all stages of production operations and minimizing the risk of negative impact on the environment;

- creating the conditions for rational use of natural resources;

- building an environmental culture among the Company’s employees, raising the sense of responsibility for the results of their work for the future generations.

Environmental efforts

The Company currently pays particular attention to:

- preventing soil pollution and recovering damaged soils in well construction areas. The respective efforts are developed in strict compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents and coordinated with environmental monitoring authorities;

- industrial waste recycling. Recommendations are developed and implemented using traditional and new technologies to address the issue of dehydrating and recycling solid oil sludge and other hazardous byproducts;

- creating conditions for improving the quality of production processes, maintaining control over observance of project technologies and reducing the number of issues and accidents related to well construction and operation.