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Geological Exploration

The main line of activities of Rus-Oil JSC in the sphere of methodological support and engineering maintenance is process optimization and efficiency increasing of geologial exploration works based on the system processing and interpretation of data within scope of ongoing geological models of oil and gas fields.

2D and 3D-Seismic Survey

When carrying out geological exploration works, Rus-Oil JSC performs three-dimensional seismic survey. During 2015-2016, the survey of 320 square kilometers has been performed at license areas using 3D-seismic survey by common depth point method. Two-dimensional seismic survey continues to be applied as well. 1270 line kilometers of seismic profiles have been surveyed in this way.

Field Researches

The prospective plan of field researches provides for the construction of 75 prospecting and appraisal wells within two years. The available potential makes it possible to carry out works using advanced technologies of WLM (well-logging measurements) and core analysis.

Geological Simulation

The integrated interpretation of seismic exploration evidences, data of field researches and other geological information is performed by the Company by engaging independent service companies having necessary software and technologic means, experience and qualification of employees. Decisions determining directions and results of geological exploration works are appraised by the Company specialists following results of works performed.