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Hydrocarbons Production

A well providing oil production undergoes several stages determining its efficiency: construction, commissioning, operation. The Company proceeds from the fact that every stage has a large number of reserves to achieve and increase well debit and strives to implement them when working in regions. Existing experience of successful implementation of pumping and Christmas tree methods of oil production confirms correctness of approaches used by the Company.

Oil Production

The oil produced - is a result of the whole activity of the Company and its regional partners. During 2015 – 2016, oil production by the group of companies Rus-Oil JSC has increased 2.5 times.

Oil Treatment

All products coming from wells undergo treatment and processing for the purpose of its degassing, desalination, dehydration and based on operations perfromed obtaining of commercial oil complying with requirements of regulatory documents. Rus-Oil JSC provides for performance of the whole package of works related to oil preparation for shipment to consumers.

Efficient Use of Resources

The notion "efficient use of resources" is very wide including a lot of fields of concern. At this stage, Rus-Oil JSC outlines rational use of associated gas as the main task, governed by the Resolution of the RF Government dated 08.01.2009 No. 7 "On Measures of Stimulation of Mitigation of Atmospheric Pollution with Combustion By-Products of Associated Gas at Flare Units". The company implements a complex of measures to cease flaring of associated gas and its value-added use: from gas injection to high-technology processing using advanced technologies. Thus, solution of the task of targeted use of the valuable hydrocarbon crude and considerable reduction of pollutant emissions is provided for.