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Sale of Hydrocarbons

For the Company, the main goal of which - is oil production, the effective selling of the product - is complicated. Successful sales are achieved subject to maximum formalization of all their processes and have clear criteria of assessment. The Company is experienced in building of such system taking into consideration achievement o consumers' satisfaction and maximum use of potential, interests and possibilities of the producing Company. Results of 2015 testifying of selling by the group of companies Rus-Oil exceeds 1 600 000 tons of oil, confirm that we managed to build such system.

Oil Quality

The most important indices of oil quality are fractional composition, density, content of water, chlorine salts, mechanical impurities, and sulphur. By all above-mentioned and other indices, oil supplied by Rus-Oil JSC from different oil and gas provinces complies with requirements of regulatory documents, which is confirmed by certificates.

Supplies for Domestic Market

Different means of transportation are used for oil delivery to the domestic market. The prevailing transport - is pipeline as the most cheap, reliable, hermetical and reducing human factor impact. The whole package of issues are in the purview of Rus-Oil JSC related to infield and inter-field pipelines enabling solving a task of oil delivery by main pipelines of Transneft PJSC to buyers.

Oil Export

Oil supply to external market is accompanied by observance of obligatory customs procedures, rendering of surveyor's and maintenance services. Employees of Rus-Oil JSC have multi-year experience in settlement of issues of customs processing and maintenance of export contracts, and are ready to render such services to different Companies.