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Maintenance Services

Maintenance services - is obligatory in purpose and the biggest in expenses part of oil production process. Rus-Oil JSC proceeds from the fact that adequate combination of maintenance services rendered by own forces and engaging contracting organizations makes it possible to receive the required quality of oil production processes complying with up-to-date requirements. When solving this issue, decrease of expenses for production and risks, increase of stability and oil production volumes growth is possible.

Wells Drilling

Drilling of wells is the most cost-intensive service. At the present stage, it absorbs more than 50% of means required to solve issues of service providing of oil production. At the same time, drilling works - is an obligatory condition of increasing production volumes. The level of subsequent oil production depends on the quality of drilling works to a large extent. Rus-Oil JSC proceeds from absence of a common recommendation on formation of a single pattern of drilling works execution suitable for different conditions and fields. Every project is custom-designed and by taking into consideration this singularity a variant can be achieved optimal under the most important criterion for the Company.

Wells Repair

There are many reasons of wells malfunctioning: gradual or abrupt decrease of debit up to cease of fluid delivery, loss of sealing of a production casing, changing of technological mode of wells operation, failure of downhole equipment, accidents, etc. Every such case is unique in itself. Additional difficulites are conditioned by geological peculiarities of every certain well. As a matter of fact, capital repair works are executed by specialized crews. But methods of repair execution are based on professional knowledge of specialists from Rus-Oil JSC. A correct decision-making in every case of repair is based on the term of service and efficiency of wells operation.

Other Maintenance Services

There are many varieties of maintenance services. For example, drilling, being a type of service for production companies is a consumer of a number of services in itself: drill bits maintenance, wells cementing, plug-back, etc. Rus-Oil JSC specializes on settlement of these tasks as well.